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These Cute Kids Do the Pegasus Airline Pre-Flight Safety Speech, Truly Wonderful


Yep, Great Safety Demo and attention grabbing which is its purpose. And Pegasus is a really nice Budget Airlines!


I was on 11 different airlines in three months of travel, and for sure, Pegasus was the best. for a discount carrier. Ryanair and Wizz make me nervous, every flight was a worry for bags.

Jeroen, I realized here in the USA why I want a bigger bag than a normal tourist. I carry 2-5 categories in my bag that a tourist would not carry.

1. Cooking gear.
2. Entertainment gear, stuff helps me to read, lights, Kindles, hard drives to watch movies. I have a special microscope camera that I carry, Magellan GPS, and also a device that tells me the noise levels. Gadget that weigh a lot, and I did not take to Europe.
3. Shower gear, a bucket, heater, so I do not take cold showers.
4. Laundry gear.

There is tons of gear I carry, that allows me to make a cheap room fun, usable, etc.

Wizz, Ryanair, stopped most of my enjoyment of life, living on the road gear.

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