The USA is Culture Shock for Me, I Am No Longer American Culture


The USA is Culture Shock for Me, I Am No Longer American Culture


Culture shock is when we learn the rules have change. For example, I can stand in line in Mexico, Togo, West Africa, and a rich person can walk in, and walk straight to the front of the line. In Togo, as a white person, the owners of stores will come grab me, and try to force me to the front of the line. I have to refuse, but many NGO's love this crapola. I am not used to hearing about weather, medical, and where we eat tonight. I am not used to this extreme quiet of Orland. I am not used to slobs acting arrogant, as if they understood anything. I am used to complimenting people, and them saying thank you... Oops, I would say outiside the USA. I am used to flirting with girls, and them saying Thank You. I am not used to people having a long list of why they are sensitive, or this grievance culture, long list of grievance. If I express my opinion, people can treat me as if I am idiot. I sometimes say, I am expert on a few things, and on them, I reserve the right to say, I am expert, you are not. Amazing to listen to people here tell me I do not know anything about Real Estate. More or less, there is a culture where people say, "You are not going to tell me anything." A direct comment offend them, I just say an opinion, I do not sit around for hours trying to make sure a person is not offended, I truly do not care, as long as I am polite, do not use profanity, or say, YOU HAVE To, or you need, I normally say, I do this, I think this.... aaagh!!!


Yes sir! Our culture has gotten pretty messed up! The ad agencies have controlled our minds and turned us all into zombies! They want us to eat lots of meat dairy and eggs, and processed sugar, oil and salt. When we get sick they want us to buy a bunch of pills!

Nobody talks about anything important anymore. Nothing is even valuable on the television. It used to be we only got three channels and something good was on all of them. Now we have 200 channels and not a single one of them has anything worth watching on!

Young kids have their noses buried in their phones and they think in sound bytes. They hardly have the attention spans to read a book.

There's no place like home!

Thanks for the great videos!


I got a bit Autismic when in Costco and get that way in just about any store these days. I just sort of stand still with a weird overwhelming sort of sensation input that I do not quit know how to process. The other day My wife and I went to see the movie Muana. The theater had these seats that have a button that powers the seat into a recliner. Silly infomercials showing exercise things and these rotating scrubbers and I almost got nausea last night watching a TV show when this long winded commercial came on selling a trinket that has a piece of the cave that Christ was placed in ,,, A bit insane! I am just SO done with this crazy crazy over the top over indulgent culture . Commercials with trembling dogs and babies from other countries needing our quarters, happy St Jude patients pitching for donations,,,Forgive me if I sound like Ebeneezer I don't mean to. And I really do not watch much TV. On the up beat side We do not hold exclusivity to the pursuit of happiness as maybe we once did. Other places and countries are wonderful and have so much to offer the soul that we, up this way just don't. This is why many of us really appreciate your video and blog shares. By now you are probably thinking "Get me to Guatemala. But the friends and family up here make it tolerable and nice for a visit. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Thank YOU!!!


I think people talk about food, weather, and sports (worst of all at times) because they have nothing else more interesting or meaningful to say. They refuse to open up so you can get to know them.

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