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The Kavanaugh Syndrome, Men Give Up, And Leave USA For Love


The Kavanaugh Syndrome, Men Give Up, And Leave USA For Love


Well I am a man who went my own way, which is certainly not the way of the group MGTOW. Sounds like they should be MGAFW - Men Going Away From Women - which I am certainly not interested in. Does not matter to me if they like men instead of women or just want to be hermits, I'm not interested enough to be curious and research them.

The reason I left the US was a combination of financial value, getting away from the 'me me me' - 'I'm to busy' - 'we disagree so you are evil' rat race, and the thought 'if I'm gonna be in pain anyway, I might as well see the world'. OK OK , ya got me lol, of course I also knew the entire time there was also an icing to that cake as getting away from the direction of the US mindset applied to women as well as men.


While I agree that being punished for behaviors that happened 35 years ago may seem extreme. We are an talking about choosing an individual for the highest offices in the United States. And it is congresses job to investigate the scope and history of that individual's background while being considered for one of the most critically important offices in the United States.

A supreme court judge is someone who should be above reproach and demonstrate a fine and noble character. This particular job requires someone who has distinguished themselves in their lives through hard work, moral character and success in law.

Kavanaugh has been accused by two separate woman of rape - not just groping. One woman in high school and one woman in college. I believe most men don't rape women when they are young or at anytime in their lives, unless their is something deeply wrong with their personality. This kind of behavior is not acceptable for such a high office. And the reason it is being investigated is because integrity, ethics and the historical background of the appointee are a core part of what congress must consider.

Character is essential. Character means to demonstrate superior qualities that include good judgement, compassion and a sense of dignity and goodwill. A man who rapes at any age has problems - abuse problems, power problems and a profound disrespect for others. And while I don't think he should be put in jail for this past offense - I do think holding a position of immense power and prestige requires that individual to be a good person.

Psychology tells us that the nature of a person doesn't change much - and while people do make dramatic transformation in their lives. Criminal behavior such as rape need to be seriously considered when judging a person's character.


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I believe it is better to be friends with women than to be in a romantic relationship. As you mentioned in another video, women have at least a 10 year plan in mind for anyone they date which usually includes marriage and children. In a friendship, both people usually benefit. In a romantic relationship that is often not the case. Outside of the USA, I find it easier to be friends with women of all ages. In the USA, for a woman to spend time with me, there must be a serious, romantic relationship in the cards or they will have nothing to do with me. Sorry, if this offends anyone but this has been my experience.

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