The 15 Boys Pouring a Concrete Room on Lake Atitlan


And this is when structural failures occur.... from someone with 25 years in the concrete industry. Fine for a dog kennel pad or utility shed floor but ... I'm sure it's common in parts of the world where there are few or no building codes to follow and labor is cheap. I remember when a concrete plant was purchased in Egypt and they refused the offer for "power" tools designed for this particular assembly because it was cheaper to have 30 guys turning wrenches. They didn't care if the correct torque specifications were achieved on the structural parts of the plant. If someone at a later date dies when a beam lets loose .. it's just bad juju.
Thanks for the video! It's fun to watch. I spent a few hours while in Mexico watching a pack of guys do some roof repair. They would mix up the mortar and then bucket train between 10 guys up to the roof. Then they had a couple of guys handing from ropes with a knot in the end laying clay roof tiles. Quite talented but dangerous as hell.


The main structural problem here was sand, and gravel that was probably not washed as clean as the USA because it came directly out of the river bed.


Not just came out of the river bed, came out of the river bed by hand! (posting pic on my page)


What is interesting, I flew into the Bantul and Yogyakarta Indonesia Earthquake area, and most people died from the red clay ceiling tile roofs falling onto them.

We need to be careful when reading the news, new reporters can sensationalize any news, use the word tsunami, and drop crap. When it gets above 7 on the Richter scale, time to pay attention.

I was in Haiti one week before the earthquake, and was lucky to leave to Sosua, Dominican Republic only because I was tired of talking Creole, or more correctly, not talking Creole.


Yes, I felt the tremors, it was not normal, generally a quake feels like a long vibration. This was like the top of the ground was sliding back and forth. I ran out from the building, and stood looking. But, I did not know what happened until about 30 people wrote me asking me if I was ok, but never said, there was an earthquake. I learned that from other people in Sosua who watched the news. I do not watch world news, only get CNN alerts, seldom even check out news channels as most world new is so repetitive.

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