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The 1.25 USD Dollar Fan is Too Cool


The 1.25 USD Dollar Fan is Too Cool


Thanks for the video of the fan. I Googled the item number and found several similar fans on After shipping they would cost 8 to 9 times what you are paying. So, not a bad idea to buy several and store for future use. They might even be a cheap source for motors for your electric generator experiments.


There is an economic quirk here in Togo, West Africa. They import many itmes from China here, and I can buy retail here, often cheaper than wholesale over ali-express of alibaba, without the dangers of shipping. I can arrive here, but thing, carry home to the USA to sell on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy. Everything here is wholesale, unless you do not negotiate well, then it is a nightmare.

Butch Black1

I ordered a fan from Ebay, I will use it to circulate warm air fron my wood stove. Thanks Andy


I love this fan of yours! What a great idea to some how get the things that are hard to get in the states and put on your amazon site. I love that idea! I hope to venture out and do an ali express or alibaba transaction this year.

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