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Tell McDonalds to Send Me Money, I Tested the French Fries in Sofia, Bulgaria


As I was making the video she was waving at me when NOT in the video, so I focused the camera on her, then she put her sandwich in front of her face. She was with her brother, just a brother and sister eating at McDonalds. She was explaining to me off camera where she learned to speak English so well, and this is why it was a great video. Bulgaria uses a Cyrillic, and the fact that her and her brother can read speak English so well is amazing.

Contrary to what Americans think, insulated and not well traveled, most girls on the planet like to be told they are pretty.

I had a few readers object to this video, and normally that means the people have creepy thoughts, not me. She was a nice person, with her brother.

When making a video, you need to listen to the tone their voice, and the level of hiding, or more likely shyness.


Hello Andy

Thanks for your message and justification.

If this episode really took place as you say, then there is no problem. From my vantage point and the fact that it was not obvious that this girl "came on" to you prior to/during/after you pointing the camera at her eating the burger tht is the reason I made the comments that you then censored while still including me among those with "creepy thoughts".

Have followed your travels for several years now as I have been in the same boat as yourself, liking the same countries and even though from vastly different backgrounds, possessing the means to live for many years without answering to "the man".

I recognize the value of timely infromation and at some point I would have engaged the services of an independent interlocutor, who for remuneration would assist me in finding the right place to ultimtely retire to. This person would have to be honest and of utmost integrity at the time when I engage him or her.


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