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Sunset on Lake Atitlan Guatemala


Hello Andy Mom and Steve, I love the video and small talk. Sounds like a wonderful place. Families children laughter and music in the back ground. True happiness. Just need to get my family and friends there. Too many are fixed on the american tread mill life style and mentality. I guess family siblings kids and grand kids would be a big thing keeping many from relocating. I bet it will be hard to leave when the time comes for you to leave. I have a friend who was my plane mechanic who is from Guatemala He will be heading there in March. I ask him how can he leave Gua and be here. He says its family and love that keeps him in Maine.


The food looks pretty tasty, especially yours with the baked potato!
Alittle on the pricy side though


Cori, at generally double the price of dinner the rest of the week it is still a good deal for great food once a week Saturday BBQ.


I have a lot of friends here in Pana, it is more family, many children walking around. When I was in Vilcabamba a year ago, i met only 2-3 people who live there for over 7 years, here there are many, and a few for up to 20 years, this is a long term expat community.


It's a good sign youre in the right place when 7 dollars is splurging:)


For me, 7 dollars is one-half a days Hotel. Generally, I plan on spending 300 dollars per month on rooms.

Page Turner

Heard someone calling Mom this morning, looked around did not see any of Andy friends so I walked on. Here it came again. Wow! it was my son Jerry calling me. I thought he had gone out on lake with his group.


Yes Sal, he told me he knew you, he is a good guy. He was with his father. I will see you in Pana tomorrow. Thanks Sal.

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