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Strategy to Invest in Stocks by Andy Lee Graham


Strategy to Invest in Stocks by Andy Lee Graham


TImes of maximum pessimism are usually the best times to invest/travel. In the weeks and months following bad news, be they social unrest, bombings, economic distress, kidnappings, massive currency devaluations or other MSM "bad press" at a travel destination--it is time to visit. Hotels, travel-related businesses, and local merchants are unprepared for a rapid downturn (cancellations) during high season after coming off slow seasons. Turkey has striking values now that terrorism, Russian travel bans to Turkey, and perceived country-wide unrest and a refugee crisis in Turkey among Europeans. IN fact, the travel areas have improved security for guests, with soldiers guarding tourist areas to protect businesses.
Bali during the Operation Desert Storm, after the first Bali, and second Bali bombings. The '97-99 economic crisis in SE Asia and Korea when the USD seemed like "The Almighty Dollar" again. LIving high on the hog--on the cheap. When the travel magazines are all touting the "magic" of a destination, expect high prices to return as well as the crowds.

Central Asia and Russia with the devaluations of 50percent+ are sure looking good this summer.

Andy's idea of buying up $250K+ "nest egg houses" of gringos who fell in love at first site in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, that few on the local economy could afford at .25M for $40-50k might be good for less footloose travelers with a partner in Internet SEO for their vacation property sounds great for some younger folks. ONe constantly finds destressed sale opportunities in the expat community as "boomers" need cash to fly back for good to take care of elderly parents, have burnt their bridges in a community et.c.

As far as stocks, technology stocks are highly volatile, and most people can't handle the price swings and their accompanying mood swings. one should prefer to buy to buy stocks with low price/earnings ratios that are usually unsexy and in markets acting like chickens with their head cut off.

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