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Story of Police Coming Onto Plane To Say I Was Taking Videos To Case the Spirit Air Plane for Attack


Congraulations!!! you were not beaten to a pulp. You have now joined the OWMD (Old White Man's Disease) club.
The flight attendant classed you as an old pervert. That is the reason that the pilot came out of the cockpit. They called ahead to have TSA to teach you a lesson. They were not worried the least bit about a terrorist. Welcome to the life here in the NEW and MODERN good old USA. Things have changed since you've been gone..

rambling robert

As a perpetual traveler, I suppose sooner or later, something like this is gonna happen. I think from hearing your story what i learned is to show my drivers license when he asked for ID and immediately offer to show him the video you took. Maybe he has no right maybe he should have asked specifically, but that's what i learned.
Peace and love from your traveling amigo
Roberto in Vilcabamba


Yes, inside the USA offering a policeman a passport baffles them, I never even thought of my ID as being a drivers license, but in the end, he did not even slightly care, He knew I was not casing the plane, his only goals was to harass. People in the USA neither have a passport, or know what one is, and this included police.


This is just how I think about the USA police, lol! Most Europeans know more about them that you I think -) And its the reason I dont know if I ever dare to visit USA. You cant trust an american police, just wait to be shot in your head or 20 years in prisson even you are innocent. I have watched many of your videos. Interesting! Thank you!

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