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Thanks Andy, I think often it is hard for us, being trapped in the straight-jacket of conventional thinking, to fully understand the insightfulness of your responses and my original response to watching this was going to be a question about security of leaving important/valuable things in a $100/mo apartment since you had mentioned a few times you weren't particularly trustful of your landlord in Togo. However, after a little research, watching the video about laundry, doing some quick calculations, and continued work on "clearing my mind of bad juju" I don't have a question about it anymore.

Here is my new thought process:
A storage unit here starts at $40 for a 5'x5' oversized closet to well over $100 for enough room to store everything (in a city I have no want, need, or desire to come back to). It will take 6 months to 2 years to actually decide on a place I would want to stick around on a long term basis. Storage cost + shipping cost greatly exceed replacement cost of what I actually will need. The stress and other juju associated with worrying about security of my stuff while traveling is Not worth the brain power and distraction. So, financially and spiritually it is best to get rid of all the "junk", and the documents/truly important things I own can be reduced to 2-4 plastic bins easily stored in a friends basement/attic or whatever. Once I do that, I will have found freedom.


You are on the right track, this is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time.

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