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Steve Asked, What Is The Tipping Point When One Should Change from Suitcase to Backpack


I first thought of this question a while ago when I watched your daredevil-esque video you did while hanging on the back of a motorcycle taxi - having a backpack worked but if you had a suitcase... Then I saw all the walking over the river and through the woods you have been doing in Europe and had to ask. A backpack with wheels, best of both worlds hmmmm.


Yes, I do suppose riding on the back of a motorcycle with a backpack seems like we need to buy a backpack, and ditch the trolley. And, I don't have a wheel bag, so I do not want one. I want the freedom to walk, and not turn my body walking. Walking with my hand pulling something behind is an imbalance.

Yet in the end, there is a part of me that farm boy Indiana, I have ideas of what it is to be a man, that 99 percent of Americans don't. I see using a wheel cart as for the wimps, weak and unhealthy.

Yet I also believe that a person that can speak the local language, talk as the boss, and tell someone to carry their bag as not a wimp. When John Wayne says to another man,
"Grab my bag."
It is not a debate, when I tell someone to help me, I am not debating with them, I am giving them an order. Often though, I must be the person that carries my bag, and the peoples bag around me. The world in general is a wimp, so what an I do? But, even the wimps arrive at their destination, so nothing really matters in the end, they all get the same sense of accomplishment. Yet, why can I travel for over 16 plus years not-stop, it is because the actual travel is a no brainer for me, while others suffer.


It seems I got the question wrong, there is a definite distinction between vacationing and traveling that is to often overlooked. There isn't a tipping point, there is a different best solution for each.

As a vacationer, I think a backpack is silly, it is more efficient to roll it across the airport and hotel lobby - the only two places I will be moving it.

As a traveler, I think a suitcase is silly, it is more efficient to carry on my back and have greater mobility and balance as I navigate point to point - over the river and through the woods... to the motorcycle taxi.

You are very correct about putting thoughts into written words, my thinking seems to become clearer, faster as I send you emails and leave comments. Thanks Andy!


Yes, writing does three major services. 1. Takes abstract thoughts in the brain, and makes them non-abstract. 2. Makes you make a decision when you choose your words. 3. Make you remember what your thinking, because they are not longer abstract, they are owned words.

This is why talking to a friend is good, and often Expats have no friends, so they lose the plot... hehehe


hehehe... of course that assumes those particular Expats ever had the plot to begin with...

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