Steve Asked, How a Hobo to Cope with Age 70 80 90? #liveabroad


Steve Asked, How a Hobo to Cope with Age 70 80 90? #liveabroad


I am 75 and my health is on a down trend, in other words, that light at the end of the tunnel has turned out to be a train, and thats fine, we all get to face those prospects.

My solution after taking Andys advice was to embed myself with a local family, be a key aspect of the family's economic viability, have some reasonably dependable fixed income, that is not llkely to get cut more than 60percent as the current USA and world economic situation goes off the rails.

(Due to the low returns on investment and greedy spiking tactics by some pensioners, the vast majority of pension funds are grossly and terminally in the red. more than a few have cut pension payouts by 60percent or so already, and the rest are on that path... even social security is being cut (30percent in the last 4 years due to no cola increases, as the actual cost of living has gone up 10percent a year)...

So you need to damn well be assured of what it costs the locals to live, ($200 to $300 month in guatemala) plus enough to help your adopted family, say an extra $200 a month... with that incentive and key to the famliys viability you can most likely count on being taken care of in order to keep the $ coming in as your final days approach,

THen while you are younger and living in that circumstance, save a lot of $... if all you could have in savings by age 75 was $20k.... and your projected life span was age 85... that is $2,000 a year, or roughly $150 a month to suppliment your pension or SS as it is cut 70percent or so....the combination of that savings and the now reduced fixed income will be sufficient to keep the family viable and glad that you are around kicking that much into the family income every month.

You need something to do, Many people retire with nothing to unfortunate mistake in my view.... take 10percent of your career with you as you retire, work on line earning USA money, and spending it or saving it in a low cost country, For me that mental stimulation and incentive has been vital... those without that Iare the people that Andy says only last 5 to 7 years before they go back to the US and their stunningly wonderful relatives... ex wives and entirely gracious neighbors.

Next and very important is to have lived a life that allows you to say. 'been there done that'... and be willing to die perhaps a year or two sooner than a hospice in the USA could keep you alive gasping for air on a ventilator... that way you do not need medicare or USA welfare near the end of your that you do not need much extra income other than meds as you age.

Thats a viable plan for a hobo in my view.
Any income that you can save or arrange by working online is all gravy on that path... so that if you end up still working a bit on line when you are 80...that savings in a low cost of living country can see you through very nicely.

Felipe en Jocotenango


Andy, I assumed that the question you are attempting to answer in this video had to do with the increasing frailty that comes with age. Wasn't sure you adequately focused on that matter. Thought you might talk about the cost of someone to do housekeeping, cooking and eventually nursing care. I think these are issues that loom large as we get older. I'm just a little older than you and while I'm in good shape and without medical issues, I'm aware I'm not as strong as I was ten years ago. My balance is not as good. My memory is for shit. How should an expat deal with these things when there is no family around to offer support and the culture in which you are living is not your native one? How do you deal with these challenges? How to you find reliable care? How do your protect yourself from being taken advantage of in your years for greatest frailty? Yes, getting married might be one way -if you choose well- but what else can be done to insure you age securely outside the US if you have an income of, say, no more than 50percent about Social Security payments? Are these questions specific enough?