Spanish Lesson Number 1 for Mom Graham


Here is the written part of Spanish Lesson 1, for Mom Graham. It has some links to download, and print to help her, and others to learn Spanish.


My mom is coming to see me too in the Florida keys - there is about as much spanish spoken here as in guatemala :-)


Yes, they speak Spanish now in Florida, and both the Spanish of Florida, and Guatemala sucks. The first language on Lake Atitlan is Kachikel, or Tutujil, spelled wrong here... LOL. And, the education of the people walking across into the USA is at the bottom of the barrel, and they speak a combination English, and Spanish, and do not spell good at all.


How fluent am I? This is a difficult question, better than about 90 percent, but never as good as the 10 percent of Naturals, who learn effortlessly. I wish they would go study Chinese. LOL Well, I am fluent enough to make jokes, watch TV, and describe how I feel, I am not good at talking time,future, past, unless I say yesterday, or tomorrow to lead in.

I have learned some Thai, about the same as Chinese, all the tones.

I am thinking about learning Chinese, or Russian, probably Russian first,


Best video to date! Your teaching method with your MOM is too be applauded! Write it, speak it, think it, feel it. Well done.

btw, years ago we got Thai cassettes from the US State Dept, a brief case full of em. My wife was a much better student that I, whenever I'd hear the tapes[along with living in the hot, humidity of Phuket], I'd fall asleep!

Over a period of 10years on Patong Beach, we did learn "restaurant" Thai and I could understand about 50percent of the words spoken in a conversation, whether it be to me or 2nd hand. The word "Farang"(foreigner)would often alert me that the "locals" were discussing the non locals. Thai, with all its tones, each word "could" mean 8 different things, must be similar to Chinese.

I look forward to learning Spanish now! Will watch your videos. other free you tube videos and most likely go to a paid class where I'll be forced to at least take advantage of what I'm paying for..[with me, that's always a good "nudge"}...

Thanks again and keep up the good work Andy...:-)


Hello Gary,
I have a page, where I collect concepts on how to learn a language. I have learned to always be studying a language. Yet, for me, I am almost always in an immersion area. There are 63 concepts right now, on this page. I should write a paragraph below each one, further explaining.

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