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Sometimes the Medical Industry Just Fails to Empathize with Humans


Yes this is where I got my "thing" lol (Q110 / $15 hot stone massage). This seems to be the main entrance to the laboratory, however the main entrance to the complex is around the corner to the left side which I don't remember a step at all.


Andy, the add on video at the end has no sound at all again.


When medicare HMOs first started they they were private companies contracting with the gov't. They did not want sick people because they got paid per head. To discourage people with health problems when they had public recruitment events and would make the venue up a flight of stairs or advertise a dance with an information secession. This lab seems to be just clueless.


Sorry that Mom is having such a hard time getting up those stairs. Just gotta keep this in mind. Lot's of Volcanos, rainstorms, settling since that place was built. They do have better at most USA facilities, but they can be a bit pricier.

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