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Someone Can Innovate a Solar Oven and Make a Million Dollars Melting Plastic into Bricks


Someone Can Innovate a Solar Oven and Make a Million Dollars Melting Plastic into Bricks


Yes, Dan Rojas is perfect, I have not been able to break through to him. I wrote him about the Solar Chimney just a few weeks ago at:

Maybe if more people wrote him, the guy is brilliant, he is the one that gave me the idea for the 2 bug baggers I sell on Amazon.


I put on 2 lines,there are programs to harvest e-mails from sites, for spammers.

I am going to write him again, maybe I can get his telephone number. If nothing else, it would be good to brainstorm with him, interview him on Skype, and come up with a strategy.

Thanks, Rich... I CC mailed you, and him.

Note: Phil showed a diagram of a 55 gallon barrel, cut in half. We have them, we do not have crapola for reflective tapes, etc. But, we do have many mirrors. I am going to do this, but put the mrrors outside, and not inside, focused on the outside of the barrel. The put heavy glass on top, or just a steel sheet of metal cover.

It I can get his up to 250 degree, I think I can melt plastic. But, I am going to melt this plastic in a pan and see if can shape it into a hoe handle.

Thanks Rich


Here are some engineer students doing the same, I am trying to contact them.


Andy, see the earthen trash kiln that's fueled by plastic that could be converted to make plastic bricks.
for construction, paving stones, etc

Turning Trash Into Tidy Profit
Senegalese Man Hopes to Clean Up by Collecting Plastic Junk to Create Trendy Bricks to Sell
Demonstrates how much durable than cement blocks
Wants to pave his country

Here's an Ethiopian man converting plastic shopping bags to oil:

This homemade device converts around 25 kg of shredded plastic into 24 litres of diesel in 4 hours.

melting plastic into bricks


The prob with parabolic type solar heating is that birds get fried when they fly in the path of the heat ray(s). Plus its technology is a more delicate or fragile type that may not be rugged enough out at the plastic dumps in Africa whereas a domed earthen kiln could better withstand the environment. So just fuel the brick ovens with plastic refuse or convert the plastic to oil, gasoline or diesel to produce the heat to make the plastic bricks within a self sustaining design technology where plastic is burned and/or converted to fuel that then converts plastic waste fed into it to make the bricks.


All of the plastics floating in the oceans and the mountains of plastic refuse worldwide are the future's raw material gold mine for energy, manufacturing and construction.


Hello Deb,
Thanks for the links. I find it amusing to learn about projects, most are not adopted by the locals, and that to me is failure. Therefore, for me, I only care about doing projects the locals do because the instantly recognize the money saving, or making value. Which project ideas are being spread around the planet like an epidemic, we need viral ideas. I see bums on the planet collecting plastic bottles, so I see the plastic bottle problem solved.

The long-term solution is to ban them:

Key: OB= Outright ban.

Germany South Africa, (OB) Italy, (OB 2010) Australia, (OB in supermarkets 2008) India, (OB in area's including Mumbai) Somalia, (OB) Botswana, (OB) Philippines, (OB, coming soon) Uganda, (OB) Kenya, (OB) Japan Turkey Zanzibar, (OB) Eritrea, (OB) Ethiopia, (OB) Papua New Guinea, (OB) Samoa, (OB) Belgium, (Levy) South Korea Singapore Sweden Bhutan, (OB) Malta China


Hello, James Montgomery pointed this company that is doing something like I suggest. I do not think Solar, but progress.

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