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Should We Let Hit and Run Drivers Of?f Should We Pray on It? How to Pay?

I believe everyone should ask for help. And especially from our friends, because our friends will filter out are crazy thoughts because they know us. However many people go searching for people to agree. I am totally baffled here because for me to do what I think is best, is going to cost me money I don't have to spend. maybe more accurately, I don't have the money to lose. This is the job of the government, to protect its citizens. Being that I'm in the Dominican Republic I have no rice, and it appears the legal system, the police, the prosecutor, protect the guilty. however, for this country to develop it needs to have the rule of law that protects the people the victims. Thank you your friend Andy Graham
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Should We Let Hit and Run Drivers Of?f Should We Pray on It? How to Pay?


Good morning Andy. I hear you and agree with the serenity prayer. Some things are just too costly to change.

My background is Dentistry. I did spend too much energy and life trying to remedy some of the maligned activities that happened to me. Some were my own fault some were not. 6-7 years of stress and hardship. Kind of like the 7 years of famine. In 2013 I left the state of Maine and the Practice. Had 2 dental offices. Sold one , closed the other. Sold 10 doors. I had several residential rentals that helped me to get brave and GET OUT. Simplifying and downsizing has been good for me. I still have some rent checks coming in not as consistently as I would like. But they pay the rent here in Utah.

I just think you need to leave the DR and get on with life. Leave it all behind. Life's too short This can be a BUGGER and I don't want you to be wasting your energy and life on this BAD. I also Know that it's easier said than DONE. I wish I could have reduced my 7 year lump. But in some weird way I think it is all for some good. One way form or another.

Changing the status of the DR legal system is not worth the life cost. Gods speed and recover well my good friend.

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Travel blogging is a type of journalist so, therefore I'm a journalist. It's quite humorous when I was talking to the American Embassy here in Dominican Republic it was quite obvious they were afraid because they said you're a journalist. Jeremy Spector said, I know I'm on record.

Journalism Defined
“News is that part of communication that keeps us informed of the changing events, issues, and characters in the world outside. Though it may be interesting or even entertaining, the foremost value of news is as a utility to empower the informed.
The purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments.”

This is Andy now that was a quote:
Therefore, if my job is to help you to make the best possible decision, and I evade this obligation, then I'm sort of a joke. No rightly so, most journalists are a joke, they are not reporting the news, they are making up the news to get the most amount of traffic. it's always been quite obvious to me, that if I wanted to get the most amount of traffic, I should stop telling the truth. Yet for me that's just not an option, What value would there be in telling my children, my nieces my nephews my mother, that what I Do for a living is tell lies to make money. hundred percent sure that 99% of travel journalist just make up advertisement, that are lies. this is why I don't read travel articles because they're 99% lies, really just advertisements. and I have the Good Fortune to be in a place where I actually get to see the reality of life.

Now I've been doing this now for over 19 years, I have written 8500 blog articles, and 3500 videos. and many people don't like what I do, but I think most of them would say, Andy tells the truth as he sees it. What do I give the value to the world is an honest view of the world. therefore, in the long-drawn-out world of what I do, to avoid the truth here would be to avoid my job. yes sometimes Many of you just want to be entertained, you don't really want to know about the world. Yet for me there's no reason to travel the planet unless we want to learn about the world. I think I can do some good for the u.s. citizens and anybody that comes to the Dominican Republic as a tourist. by reporting this honestly, correctly, and explaining this really crazy story, and allowing the press to repeat the story by form of press release, I can hopefully help out the people of the Dominican Republic. but mostly, I am doing my job I'm informing the travel world, of a real and present danger. The legal system is not working in the Dominican Republic, it will protect the guilty, or punishing the innocent, the victims. whose job is it to stop evil, it's all of our jobs, if you allow evil to exist in your life, if you tolerate it, that tells me something … I live a serious life and a happy life I have the best of all lives, but it's my job to lead this Website in an honest way. I've been doing it now for over 18 years, I probably know things that many readers, viewers, don't really see. it took me almost 17 years to realize that Anonymous people were dangerous, and up to no good, they do not help anybody on the planet. and Anonymous report has 100 the value of an honest real person report. I have the opportunity to be an honest person, to be a real person, to be a person that helps the world. to quote one of my favorite movies the kingdom of heaven. What man be a man that doesn't make the world a better place?

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