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Secret Pockets Are Worthless Unless You Put in All Pants

We need to think of security as a system of habits, the better our habits, the better our security.


Secret Pockets Are Worthless Unless You Put in All Pants


Wow, I'm almost famous for the wrong reason!

I actually only own two pairs of pants with two large secret pockets sewn in each. I'll buy a full pack when I arrive Panajachel next month, I see my mistake! My cargo shorts have no secret pockets, shame.

I feel more secure packing cash, ID, & bank cards when on the road or around town. In 2017 I crossed multiple borders by air, bus, van, and on foot, using the secret pockets.

I quit using the string around my neck style velcro pocketed passport holder.

I do carry a separate drop wallet with expired photo ID, expired bank card, some local currency, & US cash in case of a strong arm robbery. Basically, go away money, don't cut me. Never a problem to date, in one decade living and traveling outside the USA, mostly in Mexico but in Central America as well.

Watching a security while traveling YouTube video yesterday, the expert said, dress poorly, don't wear any jewelry or show a smart phone, and display an edgy, don't bother me attitude. Those three tips will generally keep street thieves away by not displaying obvious wealth. Situational awareness is important as is not putting yourself in risky locations, alone late at night bar hopping, for example.

I'd add a fourth. Use secret pockets for large cash, bank plastic, and ID, keeping smaller cash denominations in other pockets.

At a print shop, photo copy your passport photo & expiration date page, in color, with a copy of that country visa stamp on the same page, so you don't have to hand your passport to officials/police other than at the border, if asked.

Certain nations require proof of legally being there on your person. In one month in Nicaragua I was questioned twice, yet in ten years all over Mexico, never. Go figure. Nicaragua is hot to bust visa overstaying tourists, definitely charging per day fees upon exit.

If asked where is your passport, say, in my hotel, but I was told by Immigration that a photo copy is sufficient.

I do not hand my passport to anyone other than border officials. My color copy showing my photo, expiration date, and a valid visa stamp is sufficient. This avoids the come to the station or pay a "tip" now conversation.

Central American hotels require a passport to register, so make a dozen copies. Copies are always useful.

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