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San Marcos Lake Atitlan Guatemala, 2 Good Reasons to Visit


San Marcos Lake Atitlan Guatemala, 2 Good Reasons to Visit


Andy, you have often complained when people use words like "expensive" or "cheap" because they aren't being specific enough to understand. But that is what you did in this video. So what do you mean when you talk about San Marcos being expensive?


Please, I love to visit San Marcos, and the people are entertaining, the more chaos, the more choices, the more trendy, buzzwords, etc, the higher the entertainment distractions. Yet, I do not live in distractions, I visit them. I am not going to live in Paris, or New York city.

Yes, I do complain about expensive or cheap, but normally, tied to a person talking, or recommending a specific restaurant, hotel. We need to include the price to be nice on specifics. Yet, there are signals of things that are more expensive.

1. Buzzwords - NGO - Ecotourism - Green - Vegan - Gluten Free (We pay for the labels, about double)
2. Trendy - Top this, top that ,10 best ,10 anything means trendy (Mayan Families)
3. Top of Trip Advisor, - Generally, not always, when it has the TripAdvisor logo it means this is extreme tourist business, a business that has gamed tripadvisor, got the label, and charges double the normal because they did a good job of gaming the reviews.

I showed sign after sign in San Marcos, there is no more commercial, more trendy, buzzword, Birkenstock wearing, trendy, fashion setting place than San Marcos on this like, it is the Hollywood, San Francisco, Globalized fashions mecca of Lake Atitlan.

All this is fun stuff for me, but also very boring me, as the self-thinking has stopped, and the cloning has arrived.

Trending is double the cost this lake...

Reasons Why San Marcos Hotels are double the price of Pana, triple the price of San Pedro?

1. Trendy
2. Buzzword heavy.
3. Super promoted by Gringos, because maybe 70 percent foreigner owned, and not local Guatemala owened.
4. 20 percent local culture, and 80 per foreigner culture, so prices set by foreigners at double, it is the norm there to be foreign priced, while other villages are 20 percent foreign owned, and 80 percent local owned.
5. Best way to get there is by boat, that means all transport ingress, egress is 10 times more expensive, to go there is expensive, to haul good there is expensive, to build there is expensive, to do an construction is double the cost, and it shows in the price of hotels, rooms.
6. Food is purchased at stored, markets in Pana or San Pedro, and not in San Marcos.
7. There is no big food markets like Pana or San Pedro, almost forces you to eat in restaurants, which means total tourist fare.

Can you live there cheap, of course, I can live anywhere cheap, but the easy of finding a 10 dollar per night Hotel is difficult, people live in 10 dollar per night dorm rooms, I live in private room. San Marcos rooms are around 20-50 while Pana Rooms are 8-25. There are extremely high priced rooms in San Marcos, the 100, as are the ones right on the lake that I would hate to get suckered into, great for honeymoons, horrible for others. Isolation is expensive, the majority of big houses right on the lake are empty, too difficult to live on, celebration of wealth, not of wisdom.

Average price of Hotel in Pana around 15
Average price of Hotel in San Pedro around 10
Average price of Hotel in San Marcos around 25

Average price of Apartment in Pana is around 300
Average price of Apartment in San Pedro is around 200
Average price of Apartment in San Marcos is probably 400

Most everyone that lives in San Marcos works, lives there, there are few just hanging out expats, most must work in San Marcos. Is about the same as the USA. You can have a nice house, car, neighborhood, but you need to work 8-10 hours per day hard You do not have that in 200 normal countries, and you can talk with your friends all day, barely work, show up late, be highly free, but you have no car, big house, or social status.

4 billion people on the planet are minimalist, while 1-2 billion are chasing rainbows, and working 10 hours per day, and saying they are busy 5-10 times per day to all their friends.


I visited San Marcos. Just wandered around looking. I didn't find it particularly interesting. I didn't buy anything so I had no comparisons to Pana or San Pedro. My yoga teaching daughter might find it of more interest.

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