Sal commented, And I replied, Political Correctness is Like Living With Grade School Teacher


It is tiresome to have people correct us, and on introspection, you know they understood the gist of the conversation, but they feel compelled to be the superior person, the one in the know, the one who wishes to prove others wrong. Maybe, I understand this in a 16 year old child, but not from adults.


Hey Andy,
Have you forgotten, you are suppsoed to be happy to pay any price and endure any hardship to spend time with these American Women. They are part of the union that controls the price of the female comodities. If you have the audacity to spend time with those that are not part of their union and go along with their marketing and advertising, you will be shunned.
I am smiling as I write this, I think you will get the gist of my meaning. Have a super day as a free man!


There are many humans that believe they are doing us a favor by talking, I find this arrogance entertaining.


Andy, you made me laugh with this videoYou tell it like you see it. I'm married to an American, so I've got to go now so my conversation can be corrected....

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