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Robert Asked, Can You Recommend a Knapsack?


Robert Asked, Can You Recommend a Knapsack?


That was a great video, Andy! I was wondering, two things:
1. Was that the backpack you had modified for carrying the computer ( I think in Latin America)?

2. I seem to remember reading and noting a video a long time ago where you were designing a more efficient travelers backpack. Did you ever developed that?


Hello Walking Stick, I modified my day pack to carry a camera, it was already a computer bag. I took the camera bag, cut off the top, and had the small camera bag sewn into the computer bag. Maybe I can make a quick video explaining the camera pocket. We have in packs special pockets for laptops, really we need special pockets for cameras, tablets or 7 inch smartphones also.

Yes, I have work extensively on a backpack for travelers. I have done about 14 prototypes for a large backpack, I do not have the money to put it into production, so it is on how until I have about 10-20 thousand dollars.


The first problem is I'm not sure anyone makes a truly traveler-optimized backpack so we are stuck "making do" or individually modifying like Andy has done. In my case, I have a 17" HP laptop, 10.5" tablet, wireless keyboard, camera, etc I to fit into a caryon. I chose the Osprey Nebula for that role after seeing the quality and having searched for a full sized backpack I stuck with Osprey and bought the 80 Liter Waypoint for several reasons. 1)Large size to cary everything as I have no "home base" to leave things at 2)While it is a backpack, it also has a built-in flap that once zippered covers and protects the backpack straps for plane, train, bus, ets travel where the straps become anoyances and in danger of being damaged or ripped off 3)It has a detachable daypack. This effectively gives me 3 backpacks even though I only carry 2 (waypoint on back and nebula front) and gives me the option to use the daypack around town as it is smaller than the nebula. I have also used the waypoint daypack for hiking to carry a 100 ounce water bladder camera, gps, snacks, etc.

I am happy with what I have although I stop short of recommending them as it is a personal choice based on what you carry.

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