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Rick Asked How to Avoid Nightmare Airline Luggage Scenarios?


Rick Asked How to Avoid Nightmare Airline Luggage Scenarios?


Great point: International flight logistics have / need to be more precise than national flights logistics related our baggage, I can say with almost 100percent of confidence that this is a major reason in why long international flights of multiple legs / countries / airlines are so expensive.

I have heard of people going from America to Asia for example buying single tickets with one airline at the time and laying over for days in cities in the middle like in Europe, Russia until the next flight departs... so the little by little get to their final destination, it can take a couple of weeks instead of 70 hours but they have told me it can be like a forth of the price, I would be very interested on this, of course, this is a luxury that maybe only 10percent of travelers can take as much of them take flight for speed, business, health reasons, we are lucky that we work from our computers...

I have indeed trying to find the cheapest $/miles tickets between continents, that would really come handy, thanks :)

Adavan Dorp

I flew June 17th from Brussels, Casablanca to Lome Togo with Royal Air Maroc. Flights from Brussels was 400 euros cheaper than flying from Amsterdam. But unfortunately the Baggage handling were on strike. Only Hand luggage could I take with me. Fortunately all my important stuff was in my hand luggage. No problem. I only have to buy toothbrush, shampoo and bath foam. 1 suitcase was a there on Sunday, the other following Friday. My advise, put importend things in handluggage, and some clothes for a few days.


A friend of mine hated dealing and waiting for checked luggage. He would pack a box and mail it to the hotel he was going to stay at about a month before he left. The box was waiting for him when he checked in. his was US domestic travel - Atlanta to Las Vegas every year. I never tried that but it is an option. I make sure I have necessities in my carry on, if my checked bag gets held up I won't worry about it (what good would that do anyway?).


Mail or sending of suitcase could work, if you was going to visit friends, or a hotel you 100 percent trusted. But for International travel, probably cheaper to buy two seats, as shipping is more expensive than buying seats. Price a DHL or UPS shipment of 15 kilos, it can be scary, there is a reason to use people as couriers. Thanks Steve.

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