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Retire in the Tropics, What Temperature Do You Start to Sweat?

Air conditioned, whether cold, or hot is not a natural way to breath. However, if you are to retire abroad, or live abroad, you need to learn at what temperature you start to sweat, perspire. I do this are around 83 degrees fahrenheit. Know when you start to sweat, it is important.


Retire in the Tropics, What Temperature Do You Start to Sweat?


I lived in Key West Fl for 16 years till I got to the age of 49 when humidity stopped my movements a great deal.At age 60 I was the living dead and needed to move away.Winter was much better.thanks for this share!


Hi Andy, My theory about the so called flu season has everything to do with breathing foul baked nasty air, Dries up one's sinuses walla. ya get upper respiratory flu or a cold. The years we couldn't afford to turn on the heat, we never got sick! So I learned to acclimate down to 55 degrees F just fine. Wear extra layers & breathe pure fresh air! Below 50 degrees F and it literally hurts as in physically painful tho. As for the heat, I grew up in Arizona and wore sweaters in the summer because my mom would turn the AC down to 65 degrees F & never get fresh air from outside. I've lived now for 25+ years in northern California Bay Area & now in the rain forest here with no AC. When I visit in Arizona, the AC chills me to the bone & no matter how hot I prefer to turn it off & open the windows. Evaporative cooling in hot dry climates is much healthier than AC. As for the heat I'm hating life above 85 degrees

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