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Relax This is how I am treating my Motorcycle Muffler Burn


Dear Andy, I got a muffler burn like that when someone gave me a ride and I got off the cycle and my leg touched the muffler getting off. A layer of my skin came off like saran wrap sort of, but after a few days the area(same burn area as yours)got worse than I thought it would get(gross looking) and I couldn't walk good on it....don't take the burn lightly, just a heads up. You mentioned pus...I had pus come out, but I didn't use chlorine or iodine either so maybe that would make the the way I come from close to where you come from a suburb of Chicago,near Indiana.


I think this is day 4, so far it is just becoming a painful scab, that hurts when the skin flexes. But, I am putting it is chlorinated water to saturate the wound. Then using a swab with iodine 1-2 times per day. I put the iodine when it hurts, basically at the seams between good and bad skin. So far, my system is a success, I will write, or make another video if the problem become worst. However, I am here in Kara, Togo, so I can just go buy some antibiotics if needed, so really this is cake walk.

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