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Real Story of Many Water Problems in Hotel Apartment


Real Story of Many Water Problems in Hotel Apartment


We have 3 of those 5 gallon water bottles and get them filled when 2 are empty. Cost is 30 pesos ($0.60) each if we took them back ourselves but I 'splurge' and have them delivered to our door so it is 35 pesos ($0.70) each.

I also keep a 30 gallon bucket/trash can full of water in the bathroom for backup in case the city water goes off, which it does from time to time. Used for flushing the toilet and for dip showers if water is out for an extended time. I put a little, a tablespoon I guess if I were to measure it, of bleach in it to keep it from growing things and smelling. Use and fill up with fresh water at least once a month even if the water stays on.

I thought you were doing cold water showers when in warmer climates to stimulate your circulation etc? The very coldest it has been here is 24 celsius (75f). I could install a hot water heater in the bathroom, it is plumbed for one and there is power, but cold is not bad and I often use it as air conditioning. A cold shower gets rid of the sweat, cools me off, and for conservation minded, conserves water as I do not very often just stand there enjoying the water as you do when hot is available.

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