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Reader Explains the Pros and Cons of Dominican Republic Violence


Reader Explains the Pros and Cons of Dominican Republic Violence


Another great video blog Andy! Thanks for all your observations and information. There is no better advice or observations than those that come from an actual traveler as yourself. Keep up the good work! Keep up with the great informative videos and blogs. Best regards, Rick


Enjoyed a week in Sosua earlier this year. Like no place I've ever been. Excellent beaches. At night, a two-block stretch of Pedro Clisante looks like Night of the Living Dead--if you know what I mean. Probably won't repeat.

My question is about the number of countries on the planet. Andy quotes the number 253. But when I hunt around the Internet I come up with lower numbers, somewhere in the low to high 190's. Then I found a reference to "61 dependent areas" and six disputed territories. And then a reference to a United States government web site that offers more than 250 choices for "country where you live."

Sorry to get into the high weeds, guys, Just being curious. As for myself, having been to "only" 22 countries so far, those extra 40 or 50 "countries" of dubious status are not and probably never will be on my radar.


The number of countries is a debate and nobody is correct. Most incorrectly use the number of countries in the United Nations, I think 193. We use a list the USA government created to show all the cities on the planet, they divided it into 253. Yet, there are places like Puerto Rico, really part of the USA but not. Then Tranistria, next to Moldova, has a border, has its own money, ,and does not give tribute to anyone. Somewhere, the tribute is the key, truly independent does not have money connections. Yet, many countries stay connected for military protection, and pay. Wale? Scotland? They are not countries, they are part of United Kingdom, or are they countries. All the Island alone that do not pay are so numerous that there could be 500 countries. The Travelers Century Club is the only organization that is not super prone to exaggeration, or diminishing. Personally, if they have their own money, for sure they are a country. But after that, all up for debate. The European Union will soon be the same as the USA, and 43 countries should disappear.

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