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Rate 1-10 Safety Cuenca Medelline Lake Atitlan Quito?


Rate 1-10 Safety Cuenca Medelline Lake Atitlan Quito?

rambling robert

Dear Rene from California:
I travelled the world for 8 years and never had any problems. All the places you ask about I have been to several times. I never had any inkling of danger in any of them. I lived in California for 20 years. San Luis Obispo for 17 and Sonoma for 3. All the cities you mention are safer than any city of equal size in California. As you begin your travels, you will learn that Americans (Estado Unidenses) are taught to be afraid. No other country I have been in (I have been in 70) has such a fear factor. Don't worry, be happy. When you pack your bags pack up your fear in a big plastic bag and leave it in a dark closet for the boogie man to watch until you get back!
Peace and love, Rambling Robert ps...If you come to Vilcabamba Ecuador come and look for me!


re Andys comments about Dominican Rep. Yeah he got that more or less right, crime here is getting crazy Although Puerto Plata I consider even more dangerous than Sosua. Was only there 3 days and got robbed and stabbed fighting off two robbers. Usually same Modos Operandi, two thugs on motorcycle, passenger armed with knife or gun.

Recently elderly German shot dead in broad daylight on the Beach Road (Malecon)
Disturbing thing about the thugs here they place no value on human life at all and to kill seems to be the first option, like that poor German, apparently was a bit slow handing over his valuables so they just killed him.

I reckon if you go down PP Malcon at night you have a 80+ percent chance getting attacked, it really is that bad.
Sosua bad too with lots of house break-ins, robberies, etc although daytime downtown is fairly safe.
Cabarete down the road also can be bad, recently elderly Canadian woman murdered.

Big story since yesterday from Santiago a criminal in the process of robbing someone, was shot by police and they took him to hospital. Unfortunately for the thug the doctor on duty recognised him as the guy who had violently robbed him days before
So seems the doctor basically said f*** him, let him die, which he duly did.

Surprise is most people seem to agree with the doctor, people here Locals and Gringos are just fed up with the crime. and the cops are mostly useless...which is why there have been several instances of "Street justice" dished out by locals.

As for the doctor ..well guess in theory he was wrong to refuse treatment but in practice guess in a way he may well have saved an innocents life in the future as this vicious thug would have continued his "Career" no doubt so guess one could call it instant Karma anyway no sympathy for the thug- you play with fire you get burned!

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