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Questions from Kevin on Social Security Disability Live in Guatemala?


Questions from Kevin on Social Security Disability Live in Guatemala?


Kevin should not have a problem receiving ss disabilty in Guatemala. See page 16 of attached


Here is an answer to your question about SSDI overseas (short answer is yes)

Here is the child benefit information

Here is a list of countries that have direct deposit agreements with US Social Security According to the list, Guatemala does not currently have this option. Here in the Philippines there is limited availability and many here do take advantage of the option.

Personally, I did not change anything on my main bank account or deposits to it. I opened a Schwab account for a separate ATM card for a level of security and because they reimburse ATM withdrawal fees. I transfer money I need for withdrawals to Schwab so if there is a security problem only my ATM Schwab account will be affected (lost/stolen card etc) and my main account is safe.

My Current Intention is to return to Texas when I return to the US. Texas happens to be a no state income tax state. Using I set up a US address as my permanent address and using Google Voice I have a US phone number. This is the address and phone number I use for all accounts (banking and government). When receiving a call google transcribes voicemail to an email message with a link to the actual voice message. When receiving regular mail, TravelingMailbox scans the envelope and emails it to me, I then decide to have them forward to me, save, shred, or open and scan the contents. The last couple times I have requested a scan it took 3-4 hours. I recieve mail this way within 24 hours of the time I would have it if I were in the states. (regular mail to the Philippines takes 2-3 Months).


My guess-timate is that 5-15 percent of expats are on SSDI The only opinion of mine, that I feel confident is good advice, is that people should have the Social Security Checks, or Deposit at a USA bank, and not to another country. i have heard many expats telling me how they had to make a trip home to change the country where the money is sent, or they had no money because they was trying to have the SS dept change the location. Here is where verified members can write articles on this subject.

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