Question for Viewers and Readers? How to tranfer money abroad without a digital record?


What the subscriber / emailer is asking you for is information on how to bring money into the country without Us authorities or Guatamalan authorities knowing about it. There is no legal way to do that. Subscriber has got something to hide.

If they are trying to do this they should grow a pair and do it themselves and bring it when they come into the country. Trying to bring money into a foreign country remotely and surreptitiously after the fact is cowardly and stupid and will require someone else's help potentially opening them up to legal issues as well.

For the sake of hypothesis ...

Criminal methods (which is what the subscriber is proposing) might include:

A. Bring it with them in their baggage and hope it's not found.

B. Fedex it to themselves in multiple letter-size shipments. For example 20 x $2000 per FEDEX envelope over the course of several months. This requires an accomplice, multiplying the risk. nto to mention the potential for theft.

C. Bring it in the form of solid gold jewelry then sell the jewelry for melt value in a large city.

D. Have someone else bring it for them (mule).

E. Bitcoin.

There is no good answer. It's a nefarious question form someone who is up too no good. There is absolutely no legal way to do it.


I don't think he wanted you to do the transfer. maybe I missed something?


The Fedex one fits the criteria. He does not want to return to the USA to pick up the money. I do not think he wants to cheat, he just wants to avoid red flags of the USA government.


Why assume he has something to hide? Use Bitcoin and be safe!


Yes, he does not have anything to hide, he just does not want to put his name on a USA list. For example, some people register with embasies abroad, to me this is like asking for problems. The bureaucracy of the USA is about rules, more rules, and people get accidentally hooked up in them, trying to nice people.


I suggest buying gold coins and/or bars in the US and carrying this gold in carry-on luggage. Then sell upon arriving overseas or store in safety deposit box until sold. The transaction costs to convert/purchase/sell gold jewelry is cost prohibitive. It's not illegal to take gold out of the US. If the TSA catches you with more than $10,000 in cash, they'll confiscate it. They can't legally confiscate your gold.


That doesn't address the idea that he doesn't want to return to the USA. It isn't moving wealth but transferring money and not leaving a record of it.The problem is, as Andy pointed out, that almost any scheme requires someone's name on a transfer. Any service will have to get ID and to get the money, it needs to eventually wind up in an account. Any method to get around that would necessarily be complex and probably expensive.


How does his name end up on a transfer if he buys physical gold in the US and carries it overseas?


The question had to do with transferring money without carrying it. Cash or gold. He wants to be elsewhere and have it transferred, You can't buy physical gold in the US if you don't go there.


find a hawala service?


This is a very good idea nomad416!

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