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Prague No 6 Tram to Flix Bus, City Center, Main Train Station a Tram Tour


Prague No 6 Tram to Flix Bus, City Center, Main Train Station a Tram Tour


Prague Bus Catching: Here is how we caught our bus to Nurenburg from Prague in April, 2018. We also wandered around, up and down until a female janitor told us where to go. You need to go outside to the top floor street level to the historic part of the train station. This is the original and current street level. You will see the sign boards for the different bus companies with the destination and times on them in the street where the bus pulls up. The historic foyer area is fabulous Art Deco in design. The trains are below and on the other side of the art deco historic building. The trams come in on lower floors. The Main Station floors are numbered in negative and positive numbers ( -1, 0 , 1 etc. ) There is a T.I. (Tourist Information in the lowest bottom floor and they will give you decent maps. Get clear instructions there. Luckily we did all this the day before our bus left, as the whole process had taken much time to find the bus pick up spot. At the art deco entrance to the street, where the buses leave outside, the electrical outlets do not work to charge your devices, but the buses do. You are right Andy, the bus station is on top of the train station!


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