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Please Compare Beach of Togo to Ghana?


Please Compare Beach of Togo to Ghana?

Butch Black1

Excellent video, Andy you are at your best when there is no political correctness. You answered the question in detail as you see it. I am in the process of getting verified, because if a question is
asked you answer as straightforward as you can. If you were different and used political correctness , I would Not get verified and look for a different travel forum.


Thank you, and thank you for getting verified, it makes opinions safer for members to use. I muse on the words "political correctness,” for hours. Why? Because I truly believe that truth enables people to be free. Free from guilt, free from confusion, frustration, and wasting a lot of time.

PC avoids the blunt truth, looking for half-truths so people do not get angry at the speaker.

Generally, I see PC people as fearful of anger or worst the 90 percent jokers who wish to maneuver, manipulate, and manage the very people who did not get angry because of their political correctness. They make sure these people do not understand.


Great video Andy!

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