Phil Asked, What Does Europe Think of The Putin Russia Problem in The Ukraine


Best not to turn your comments political, but you mentioned a few things Andy that you might like fleshed out in terms of non political fact.

1) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because of oil. In the 1940s the US was the big oil exporter of the world, as Saudi Arabia and Russia is now. FDR embargoed US oil so that it could not be sent to Japan, to influence Japanese behavior. Japan objected and to secure an oil supply from Indonesia, they needed to be sure the US Pacific Fleet would not interdict tankers from Indonesia north to Tokyo, so they attacked Pearl. History books tend to forget why they did it. It was because of a US oil embargo.

2) Russia is the number 1 producer of oil in the world. Not Saudi Arabia. And with only 170 million or so people, as you pointed out, they can export most of what they produce and drain cash essentially from their enemies, who MUST have that oil. You will hear some reports manufacturing different results by redefining oil to be "petroleum liquids" (which would include things like propane or ethane (which do not refine into gasoline or diesel)), but in terms of the important stuff, pure crude oil, Russia is #1.

3) Japan today has no oil. Most places with earthquakes don't have oil. The millions of years of quakes crack the rocks that might have trapped oil. Japan burns a lot of oil and has to import all of it.


Hmm, I guess I said, "If the middle east wanted to bankrupt the USA, it could in a few weeks by cutting off the oil."

That must have been the comment that elicited the oil comments. I suppose it would be hard with only 14 percent of the oil. All in all, I do not worry about oil even a little, I don't worry about Putin, I don't worry about Isis. As best I can tell, humans will always be idiots, and want to fight over things. Governments will always need to stop other governments from taking other countries, and Russia seems to want to take, so probably needs to stopped.

As for me, I do not care, yes, it is sad that people die for stupid reasons. But we must accept that humans are basically ,greedy, money hungry, selfish control freaks, and power corrupts the minds. I am not the least bit worried about the USA, I am grateful to come from the country with the least amount of social problems on the planet, I can always go to the USA and hide if needed.

What I know on the planet is this, there are people who want to fight, ask to fight, and there are people who will stop them, kill them, and stop them. It is best to stay away from both sides of the fight. When a solder enlist, he or she is wanting to fight, so we let them fight. I am grateful they want to stop the people asking to fight, but they too were wanting to fight, so basically the same coin flipped over.

It is real easy to avoid fights, super easy, unless you are the President of the USA, but a person has to be crazy to want to be a leader of a country. He or she gives up their whole life, to be important, to be famous.

Getting upset, or angry over world politics is a refusal to accept we are not a God, it is the desire to be a God, to make rules. I have no clue, why a God, would want to be worshiped, I do not understand people wanting fame. I do understand why I want the pretty girl I meet to come talk with me.


It was a comment somewhere in the vid that triggered my interest in fleshing out that info. Probably it triggered that other guy's comment, too. In general, there is somewhat sudden awareness in the US as Putin was in just a few months painted to be evil (a year ago or so he was a partner and a nice guy in the press) that Russia is the oil and gas powerhouse of the world. Times have changed. This is not ignorable anymore. There is no other competitive source of natural gas for Europe. This awareness has just arrived and has grabbed attention in the US (and Europe).


There was a time I would have jumped into this discussion with both feet, correcting this and adding that. Now that my age starts with a 5, I choose not to be sucked in. Instead I am checking to see if Andy's pretty girl has a pretty girlfriend...

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