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Part 3 Interview of Liveaboard Sailor at Rio Dulce Guatemala

Part 3 Interview of Liveaboard Sailor at Rio Dulce Guatemala - Video interview with Chris who sailed from South Africa to Guatemala and now lives anchored in...

"you know when somebody crosses the border I don't think they should have any rights be kind of strange right you think everybody thinks you have rights but when you cross the border you don't have any rights I got a question here from I'm welcome to the ask Andy show I've lived abroad for 19 plus years and in 107 countries and I've crossed the border a lot of times really a lot of times I'm cliff Wilson from Minneapolis Minnesota clip 76 on the hobo chopper talk long he's a verified number he's wanting me to hope that I do well with my collecting the money from the guy that hit me here in so so I'm in a cast on the arm and on the leg in the meantime I have a question that I've been thinking about for a while now I've learned a while back that when crossing borders you pretty much have no rights very good true you have no rights they can go through your things your electronic devices demand your passwords to your laptop cell phone and any email accounts you make they may discover usually something about you be it your appearance your attitude where Charlie Palmer - would have something to do with these searches so now the question as an American who has childhood almost 20 years to over a hundred seven countries you have made numerous border crossings exactly wait a minute have you been subjected to such in bassy search or an observed others going through okay I have never seen anybody search a computer I have seen them had my tongue to turn on your computer to prove that it wasn't a bomb and that's the only thing I've ever had with the computer I've heard numerous stories and you know it's kind of a baggie you know it's a bragging thing that I get stopped at the bar of your table so I don't know I've never seen anybody that actually stopped in front of me and they went through their electronic equipment I do know that cubed a that comes to Sosua probably if they got a notification he was coming and they did check his computer I am told many guys never crossed a barter with photos of girls okay I am been ok no I I have been in bass this word means nothing to me they have the right to search anything and everything in the in my backpack or my check I'm smart enough to realize to check about and so anything that I would worry about that is it's getting it nice it could be worrisome for search it's like for example I put four hundred $100 bills in my you know my canteen to take to vilcabamba Ecuador because they use dollars and I wanted a bunch of small change I didn't carry it in my carry-on the because just raises flags so anything that raises flags goes into checked bag anything it doesn't raise flags goes in my carry cover my little small bag now a lot of you okay so yes like that I remember they took they took away these pins in Nepal when I was live in a country I mean you go in hey India's got me for I mean I've been lost my batteries twice now once in India and Westen toko leave in a country they don't like batteries okay do certain countries scrutinize more closely well really is one culture more strict than others are they more logical do they have a culture of strictness so I would say Germany is the top of the line you know maybe me share Africa is the worse on line yes obviously every culture has a certain level of competency and I would say like then you have a certain level of corruption so you know obviously the Mexican government is one of the more corrupt governments on the planet usually crossing borders is you know people people are looking at it like they're afraid to cross the border and I'm going just take as long as you want when I'm in the line at the airport my friend Billy went to the airport the other day he wanted to know if the plane was late and if he could ride late I realized I go there as if the plane is gonna arrive on time I never just just I don't depend on the idea that I can push it to the edge most people want to put it push it to the edge and that's why they get in trouble so but obviously some cultures are more capable of being strict and scrutinizing itself cultures have the money to pay the staff to scrutinize number three do you think an American we will be scrutinized more closely in the future because some of the things our government is doing well yeah I mean the United States is requiring higher scrutiny when you're flying from Belgium to United States they have a special line that does a different type of scrutinize ation of the airplanes in the baggage that is different than what they do for the rest of their flights do I think they punished the United States no I think we actually have top favored nation Americans basically can do anything and get away Wow you know I know Thai girls have got to turn back on the plane by flying into the in other words we don't really know how easy we got it because we don't know what it's like to really be under scrutiny know our governments who basically loved by everybody on the planet I really believe were one of the most favored nation the United States Canada Germany UK we can do about 80 okay what things can we do as a traveler to avoid this kind kind of thing beyond the obvious don't be a druggie we're politically inspired clothing etc um I think you cliff just by asking stating the obvious to 90% of people it's not obvious that they shouldn't be a jerk they think that they see the minute that a human wastes time which they consider going through something that could stop a terrorist from knocking down the Twin Towers to be a waste of their time because they feel that they're safe so why are you wasting my time they somehow their brain is safe that is insane we lost you know September 11th was about terrorists doing certain things you go to an airport you're supposed to ride three hours before you arrived three hours before and accept that they have the right and they should scrutinize your bag and they should if they have any suspicion the people that get scrutinize are the ones with attitude they think that the government shouldn't have the right to scuba I think every single Mexican it comes the country should go through an extremely strict search almost okay because they're drug carrying people I think anybody that comes across the American border should be you know every single car should be owner ously checked until they're blue in the face where they could disk you know actually make the people not want to go across the border it's not a right to possibly be a problem and that's what people think i IE you're wasting my time the minute I hear somebody says what a waste of time I know they really don't understand anything about security security is doing ten things more than you need to do hoping that you accidentally hit the one you're supposed to do it's not about just knowing exactly who the person is if they knew that they'd go to stop all them who wouldn't have any problems but you you're gonna have to accept that crossing the border you should not have any rights except that life is unfair and then you have no right and then you go into it with a good attitude thank you for Andy for sharing your travel experience with Guzzi through your blog founding hobo telecom is a safe place for us to learn about places and strategies seollal childhood is really about strategy we don't sit around talking about you know too much about what you can do for tourists we we do but we don't it but your inventions on its Abhi's okay may God and the good guys bless you and your family and all the hobos on the road Cliff Wilson I won't know let's this face yourself how can you go through a boarder and I'll get any trouble arrive early don't be in a hurry be sitting there eating your popcorn and just enjoy the trip the people that have not learned that what you have learned that be on the rise think they have rights and if I had rights in the Dominican Republic I would be in the Dominican Republic person had rights in Mexico out the in Mexico most of these countries have zero rights and we're used to a zillion rights and we don't understand the world the global knowledge by Americans is practically zero I'm always ashamed of the American traveler because they think that the acne the cliche combat is you can't do that to me I'm American they can do absolutely anything they want to and we'll especially if you have that attitude if you go to a border and say they don't have the right or you even think that they don't have the right you deserve to get searched okay because that is what they're looking for somebody that thinks that they're above the law and you have no law you just get Sir Ian and go through every little thing you have but the second thing is take anything of question and put it in your check back stop with this carry-on bag you know again you don't want to waste time you don't want to check the back well yeah you save yourself an hour then you cause yourself an unbelievable headaches works real good on a trip from Chicago to LA for a weekend and I'm back or Las Vegas for a weekend when you leave it for six months check a bag but everything is possibly questioned if you don't know what's questioned get on the hobos traveler talk call and ask is this a questionable stuff is this questionable stuff some of our experience can be helping but the biggest deal is put everything in your checked bag and then you won't get scrutinized I have a lot of tech tech stuff in my bag and I don't get scrutinized because when I get in line I accept that it's going to go at a certain line I don't try to push the line I don't try to give attitude I don't look at the TSA guys with contempt I don't look at disgust I look at him only with respect do I respect him of course not they're not even usually Americans they're first generation Mexicans or something first generation Afghanistan's they shouldn't be in the airport check-in my credibility but I think that only third generation Americans should be allowed to work in an airport Indian lies in the customs but I'm only worried about people coming into an America when I go into another country I know I have no rights that I accept it because I've never had any rights for the last 20 years okay I'm always at the mercy of the law the legal system the people that can cause me problems is the government and the police and the thing so if I look like I'm a prime target for carrying something of value guess what you guys dressing up too much looking too sharp to whatever you've made it obvious that you you you're the ones with the extra cash and the extra camera sitting around and all this stuff look like a hobo look you know I can be super rich I used to negotiate real estate deals I'm going to use really huge legal offices and not have my shorts and flip-flops and a teacher and I loved it because the contemptuous lawyers would think that they they were that I was dumb tonight saying exactly what I want to them think and I would take them take their pants down and Benko because it's all a game and life is a game and if you don't want to play the game then stable but some of you guys are guilty so the most of the time the guys that are getting stopped are in the guilt and I but don't get me wrong I have the most Co respect for the TSA or the police work at an airport I think they're really for the most part the rejects of society and they taking this job I mean who wants the media guidance it's early jump it's a horrible job it's not a job it's fulfilling you're talking at the bunch of people that hate your guts what it what a crazy job but somebody's got to do it ok get on the hobo travel talk one this understand it we're about strategy I want you to come up with the strategy so I just gave you your strategy put all your valuable stuff in the thing don't be a druggie don't be don't don't have anything to hide put everything in a check bag and arrive at the airport three hours before and be patient don't sit in the bar the last moment then go into the thing and be drunk and disorderly then it's how you talk to people that causes you to the problem if you don't get it how do you talk to people causes you most of your problem how you talk to people causes most of your problem how you talk to people causes most of you problems hey turn on the charisma try try studying how to be charisma attic and stop being a jerk Andy Graham mobo travicom but cliff I know you're not a clip I know you're not a jerk so I'm not talking to you I'm talking to those other guys you're asking all the right questions and you're saying ah fees but it's really not that big a deal but don't put anything in your bag that you don't want to lose like your mother's earrings from you know 1920 or a gold ring or whatever that you can't be replaceable you shouldn't carry things that can't be replaced Andy Graham Bobo jabra.com thank you hey where'd that camera crew go hey thank you for supporting the YouTube channel get click on that subscribe button right now and become a subscriber to hobo traveler YouTube channel there's five ways for you to support hobo traveler comm I'm here and you're not why not I've lived abroad for 19 years and in 107 countries but the five ways to become to support OBO trailer are one become a member and what goes around comes around if you get on there and help people you'll get twice back in return to pay the $25 verification the three get on patreon patreon and support me monthly for my hobo traveler products hey I forgot to bring these up best this I have a t-shirt on this is a scrub nut this with secret pockets 405 buy my book where is it at hey where's my camera crew I've written one book and I'm coming out with a couple more here sing topo traveller was established in 2000 me and Andrew have been together for about 13 years there's a 17 year old website almost 18 year old fifteen yoda and we're looking for Andrew Lester's to get a hundred two hundred thousand to a million dollars and I am NOT getting on Shark Tank okay hobo Tyler calm five ways to support us thank you get on Robo chopper calm if nothing else just to help some fun become a member today"

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