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P Russel Asked, Where to Live Abroad and Speak English


P Russel Asked, Where to Live Abroad and Speak English


You can very well in Chiang Mai, Thailand with English only.

Dave Kellar

You may consider Jamaica and Belize also, both are english speaking. I personally like Negril Jamaica a beach town filled with tourists that has all the stuff tourists like at high prices but get away from the beach and you find much cheaper rooms, food, etc. It's a hippy town filled with great music, food, tropical lifestyle - super laid back, friendly people. Get's hot in the summer. Belize I don't know as well, passed through it years ago, interesting mix of cultures, cost more than Mexico or Guatemala. I would like to hear Andy's take on Negril or Jamaica in general.


I would like to ditto what Dave Kellar and Lawrence said. Chiang Mai has a very large English speaking community from several countries. There are many places where English is either the first or second language. Many cities will have large communities of English speakers. It depends on what you are looking for in relationships and friends. .Climate is a very important consideration to many. Costs of living are another concern.


Yes, I sort of forgot that SE Asia has English, because nobody learns the local language. Yet, this person seems to part of the go Ecuador, Panama group, which is maybe 10 times more people than the Thailand / Philippines group. I find it often hard for me to know if over 60 people can make the long plane flights, change of time flights to Thailand, In the end, we can live in any country with English only. Vilcabamba Ecuador is the purist colony of English speakers I know of on the planet, hard to find a local there, easy to find an expat American. Which is humorous, you have a huge anti-American sentiment, but they live with almost only Americans in Vilca.

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