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Oxycodone, As Recovering Alcoholic I Blame Doctors, Big Pharma


Oxycodone, As Recovering Alcoholic I Blame Doctors, Big Pharma

Butch Black1

I beleave this histeria over pain pills was created by the government for reason unknown to me. Notice how Opioid is the term that is used and prescription drugs and illegal drugs are lump together. Heroin and other illegal drug terms are not used anymore. What happened to Meth? Has drug addicts stop using meth and turned to Opioids? and at the same time, governments are encouraging the use of Marijuana and allowing citizens to be stone out of his or her minds. For the record, I do not smoke Marijuana, my mind is fuzzy enough due to age and I do not care if someone decides to use it. I beleave a person should be able to use any drug they want, people do anyway. Something is fishey and I do not understand it.


Well said Butch.


The job of a leader is to point out problems. Governments are not leaders, governments are normally controlled by 30 families in a country, or 30 corporations. If we wish to choose blame -- which in reality is dynamic, everyone in the chain, is to blame, everyone is to blame. Yet, this is oxycodone situation is rather simple, the Doctors are the fishey ones, they know that pain pills are addictive, while stupid is always stupid, while smart can slow stupid. So why would any doctor take out his or her prescription pad and grant permission for the pathway to addiction to start? The doctor is the cog in the wheel that is broken, fix the doctors here, and we can turn off the problem completely. Doctors can operate moderation, an addict is a person who cannot moderate.

Putting any chemical in our body makes a person mentally change. Concentrating a food substance makes it into almost a chemical. To take sugar cane, and squeeze it, evaporated it, and process it down to sugar makes it into a chemical concentration.

There is no "Government," it is not one person to blame, it is a groupthink, mostly controlled by lobbyist, corporations and NGO's. Do not dismiss the growing NGO's on the planet, they can create a problem in the press, then advertise with the press, fund the press by ads, then get good people to donate. Here in the USA there is an endless set of commercials to donate 19 dollars monthly to save the Dogs, the orphans, any issue of the day.

Why do I continually push the idea of showing people how to read, because if a person can read, they can escape the tyranny of the smart people, who want to say they are dumb, no, not dumb, just not exposed to education

The only remedy for dumb, is to create autodidacts, self-educated humans, that do not depend on any institution to manufacture their minds. There are teachers that I would never allow my children to even talk too, have way be a statutory mental controller of my children. We become who we follow, but some people believe they can listen to evil ideas all day and avoid them, we become what we think about. I do my best to not listen to governments, they are not good ju ju, they are not good for the brain. I do my darnest to read wikipedia, or find happy people on YouTube, if the person is not happy on YouTube, if the tone of voice has a chip on his or her shoulder, I walk away. There are people with continual chips on their shoulder who wish to teach me, school me, tell me how to think. We can only be good examples, and when a person wishes too hard to correct me, they are my new problem.

Life is good, people are generally good, governments are controlled by business, for the business to prosper, but in the end, listening to the tone of voice, the cadence of speech, is what allows me to be happy, I avoid bad tone of voice. Yet, when being a leader, we must be willing to shout down, alpha male - female shut down the dumb. As for Hobo, it is rather easy to remove bad tone of voice, one click, and gone.

As for the crazies, it is the entertainment in life, if we don't become enmeshed. The expats on Lake Atitlan are some of the most entertaining people on the planet. But they are not harmless, one can drink the koolaid, and take them serious. Good people talk slow like Butch, try to find some element of truth, and speak with good manners. Leaders, on the other hand, must, need to stop bad blood, it is hard to be a leader, Easy to be a follower, and the path to happiness is easy when we listen to the tone of voice of others, and walk away. KISS, bad tone, take another path, if I hear a rant, or an attack, I hope it is coming from my boss, someone I respect, or despise, but someone who knows more than me. I do expect Doctors to make decisions for me, in my stead, I do not have a life that wants to study medicine, seems rather obsessive, and money hungry to me. Life is good, always love to read Butch, Alaska, off grid, sitting back and watching the game of life.

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