Often The Peace Corps Does not Understand Their Job Titles


Sad to say, but you can't take much at face value these days probably wasn't anyone in the Peace Corps in that SUV. They just want folks to think that. Rude is rude and they didn't show themselves to you because they most likely weren't who they "appear" to be.... Good eye eye though! :)


There was a girl in the SUV, I went right up the car, and waved at her, before I started to make the film. Most Peace Corp vehicles on the planet do not have smoked glass, and are white Toyota Land Cruisers, this vehicle was weird, atypical of Peace Corps. They also have white vans, so the whole branding was different. In the Bible, there is the themes of the dark, and the light, and that things of the dark, need brought out into the light.

"He uncovers the hidden dimensions from darkness, bringing what is in deep shadow to light." Job 12:22

I believe that honesty, and peace are open, that good has nothing to hide.


The Logo, banners on side of vehicles are advertisements, they are to open communication, to announce who the business, ONG / NGO is, so they can communicate with the world. The whole goal is to open doors, not to close, when you put a logo, branding, or advertisement, I never feel guilty asking NGO's, or American organizations questions, that is the only oversight there is on the planet.


I agree. The light will shine on the darkness and show it for what it is.


Hi Andy. Here in Xela there was an American woman about 2 years ago in the Peace Corps who was thrown out of the organization because she was arrested by local police for being drunk and disorderly in el Parque Central. A reporter took a photo of her resisting arrest and it was published on the front page of the "Quetzalteco", a local newspaper in Xela. Great publicity for the Peace Corps, LOL! This fool was supposed to be in Huehuetenago helping Maya people, while in fact, she had skipped out of her assignment to party in Xela. She had done this quite a few times before. The only way the Peace Corps found out was through the newspaper and Xela Police calling the organization to inform them of her arrest! I am not saying there aren't any sincere young folks from the USA doing a good job in the Corps, but there are many whose service is an excuse to come party in Guatemala and whose main contribution to Guatemala is spending money drinking and dancing La Salsa in La Parranda, and Pool and Beer, LOL! Adios, Andy.--------Sal53 in Xela.


Peace Corps is a two year commitment, about 25 percent of them wash out, fail. It is much better than most organizations that want to help, because after living in a country for over 2 years, they have no delusions about what is reality. These young people, maybe 2-3 percent make excellent advisers for the USA government for international situations. Yet, I am not delusional, I do not believe missionaries, NGO / ONG, Peace Corps or most any organization hard makes a dent in the world. Mostly, they change cultures by being bad examples, or turning people into beggars. Responsible tourism is first not causing harm, and being a good neighbor, which the person in the car failed on the good neighbor part. While the girl getting drunk, etc failed completely.

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