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I started a Hostel in Iquitos Peru many years ago for a man, it was fun. I hope to remain friend, but he turned out to be a really headaches. It cost 2500 dollars, and he has been living on the money from the Hostel now for about 8 years or more. Jimmy 2 Bears in Iquitos.

It is fun to have travelers around, in the USA, I am not sure how to stop people who just want a cheap room.


Thank you for your kind service. I am looking forward to collecting my thoughts, they are a vast array now as I am a bit of a hobo living in Utah. I am fortunate to be collecting rent money not much but perhaps the income would be good for locations outside of the states. I will look for my code number to enter me as a vetted member I do wish to consult with you, Andy regarding perhaps serving as a dentist in another country as I am not welcome to practice in the states because I opted to move and not to fulfill consent agreement contracts that were imposed on me by the Maine state dental board. It is nice to have a hiatus from the stress of that stuff. I may opt to turn my focus to some kind of portable income endeavour. Any way I wish you well today and may be get out of that european rat race lol.

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