No Italians in Venice, But Many Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria etc.


In my opinion, Muslims love the life of Christians, and are just jealous their own religion does not allow them freedom. They are very tempted to live a secular life, but angry because they are tempted. They are often just full of anger because they are tempted, and want to destroy that which tempts them. Anger is normally fear, and I suppose fear of going to hell makes a few people real problems. For me, I ignore shame and guilt, it is the least productive feelings, but do try to avoid things that make me feel guilt or shame. While many want to do shameful actions, and then say they are a good person. Humans are slaves to their temptations, and great entertainment until they get violent.


Hi Andy. I visited Venezia in 2003 with my Italian now ex-wife and her Italian cousins from Sicily. Few Italians actually LIVE in Venezia-TOO expensive! Many Italians who have shops in Venice live on the mainland city of Mestre -where rents are less expensive, and commute to their work with ferries-just like a lot of New Yorkers live on the ass end of Staten Island where rents are cheaper , commute to their jobs in Manhattan with the Staten Island ferry, and then brag about how they live in NYC-which they do, but omit telling folks that they actually live out on the swamps of Staten Island, LOL! BTW, any Italian would see you are a seasoned traveler-the ONLY Italians on the Gondolas are the Gondolieri. NO Italian will waste 80 Euro on that BS! As far as the street sellers all over Italy, many are Muslims/Arabs and pester you incessantly. Therefore, I learned 1 Arab phrase- La shukran. Bukra Insallah. It means" No, thanks. Tomorrow, if it is the will of Allah." I would use that, and the sellers would be quite perplexed-started to speak to me in Arabic, asking me in BAD English/Italian or GOOD French where I learned that, LOL! BTW, I lived in Italy for 7 years. You will find that a good deal of Customers in Strip Clubs in Northern Italy are MUSLIMS, LOL! Hope to see you up in Pana in Jan/Feb 2015. Ciao, amico!


Hello Sal, you described Venice very well, hard to find an Italian.

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