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Nelson H Asked, What Is Best Way to Ask Questions of Andy Lee Graham?


Thank you for your answer I am a bit of a ditz for not acknowledging the bold print on the clip showing the email address. You are very kind to give answers. I know reading emails can be taxing ... I am not a public figure yet i do sometimes find that checking the emails can be daunting. I love the youtube clips you share I hope to get more savvy with the blog page options and face book.
? Do you ever run out of funds? have you had to ask mom for some money to get a ticket or pay for a room or what have you. Have you had a scare due to lack of funds? I remember traveling and sitting on a lounge chair, the supposed ultimate relaxing paradisaical setting looking over the waters. While attempting a state of relaxation I came to realize that my days cost for that rest was to the tune of about 600-2000 a day in lost incomes and costs. UGG may I never work again! Well not with those crazy American conditions. I still have 2 boys at home and a wife to support. I do so these days by living minimally and collecting rent checks. But My 1300 rent is getting me down. Causing me to look elsewhere for options. Forgive me for rambling on. I hope to work in another country. I can't do much in the states as I withdrew my license to practice dentistry. I will be consulting with you soon. Hope you get out of that expensive Europe soon. -_-
Nelson Henry
Thank you again for recognizing me and giving me a kind acknowledgment.


I enjoy answering question on videos, it make my brain work better. I have not ran out of money for about the last 10 years. Years 2-5 were pretty difficult,

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