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Nelson Asked, Is It Safe to Drive a Motorcyle South to Guatemala or Ecuador?


I almost bought a 125CC bike in Antigua Guatemala last March. I had the idea that it would give me more freedom to go where ever I wanted. I decided to rent a bike for a week for $100 and test it out. It wasn't easy to find a place to keep it every night. If your staying in cheap places in Central America, there is often no place to park a car or motorcycle that is safe. In Lake Atitlan you can pay to park your motorcycle for about $5 a day in a secured parking space.


Thank you Guys!! Fact is I am now thinking of selling the bike and using the money for extended stays. I like the idea of renting scooters for local travels if need be but not the fact that we have to worry. Do you think a good chain and lock would be sufficient to deter theft? stick to the beater aesthetics lol.


SWEET! Thank you cyberbiker

The old 83 side bagger tells me to DO IT! Maybe I will do the Guatemala ride and then a Baja ride. I'm not too sure about the darien gap though.

Any good movies you guys suggest?

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