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My Room Cost is 85 Dolllars Per Month

This is about double the price locals would pay for a room by the month.

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My Room Cost is 85 Dolllars Per Month


Very nice, but where is it?

Francisco A

where are you?


How low can you go! Very inspiring. The other day I was bragging about my studio in Oaxaca ( $185 a month all inclusive ) The old timer 20 yrs here said his is a 1 bedroom $200 all inclusive. So I still have a bit to learn. Going north soon will give me practice


I have no idea of the exact price right now, especially in dollars, because the price is in Q, Quetzales. I guess I could go ask the exact price, but it around 75-90, something like that, when I pay next months, I will know. Long story, but I asked Allen to go over and pay a month, and reserve this room for me, because the price is such an insanely good price, I just do not care, I told him to pay for a month ahead, and I would pay when I was not living here. The next best price here on Lake Atitlan is probably around 165 at Hotel El Amigo, for one month. i can rent tons of Apartments on Lake Atitlan for between 150 and 250 per month, complete houses if I want to live in nowheres ville, so far, the transportation cost me a fortune. The cost of a room is - MONTHLY COST + TRANSPORTATION COST TO FUN + NEEDED UPDATES LIKE WATER DISPENSOR, BROOM, ETC + TIME SPENT ARRANGING -+ TIME SPENT GOING TO APARTMENT = Cost of renting something. 5-30 USD is almost irrelevant, pay attention to the super amount of time people spend arranging their rooms, and the never ending time they spend going to their room. I do not like to waste time GOING to a room, I like to live close to the reasons I am on the lake.

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