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My Idiot Neighbors Playing Loud Music All Night


I believe my problem is temporary, it has been two days. One man said there was a funeral. I am more worried about a new building being built three doors down. It may be a church, and they really suck, and they never have respect and make noise all night with loud speaker systems. These countries are perceived as poor, but in reality, they have money to buy what the really want, noise makers.

The bottom line, this is a math problem, I pay 70 dollars per month for my apartment, and if I rented a hotel, I would have the same problem but pay 300 per month. So by living for only 4 months, I have already beat the hotel room.

But if you are idiot, and buy the house, often people pay 200,000 USD for a home, that can only rent for 200 dollars. They lose, what they really do is spend their whole life in denial, and never once admit to themselves this is nuts.

As for me, if I pack up, and leave, I am still better off financially then renting a hotel room. Fun math, but sadly uncommon for humans to do.

I believe the noise will end, if not, maybe I whack the owner.

Never know, we must adapts the real world...

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