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My 30 Dollar Ryanair Flight from Oslo Norway to Zadar Croatia 2 Hour Long - Trying to Manage Luggage Weight and Size


Andy, Speaking of luggage I don't ever remember seeing a picture of your luggage? Did you take two pieces on Ryanair and what were they backpack and hard cover luggage? I am planning on going to Ecuador in Jan/ for 3 months and am planning now on what to bring. This is why I am asking ever though its now where you are at now its where you have just been.
Thanks with all your videos as I have been following you for months now.


I purchased a special bag for Europe, because there are many Low Cost Carrier flights. I took both bags onto the plane, one is my camera / computer bag. I will try to take a photo and explain better, after sleeping all night in the airport, my brain was not really working. I was going to take a video of my bags inside the box, but forgot, or the line for the plane was quick.


It is easy to find a beautiful spot in Orland, Indiana the benefit of living in small town Indiana, always wander if the city kids know they can live close to nature?

I am here in Croatia, I will try to put nice backgrounds in the back, this can be a challenge.


I believe one day the airlines will suddenly stop all baggage abuse of the Carry-On Bag Regulations, and reserve the option to add to peoples credit cards. Presently, it is difficult for the people working at check-in to collect payments quickly. I suspect there will be new quicker ways to scan the debit and credit cards of people.

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