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Motion Detector Lights are The Rage in Europe


I just woke up here in Antalya, Turkey... AND THAT SEEMS GREAT.


What about this? Personally, I despise the light that come from fluorescent Light bulbs, therefore, for me, I would use 100 watt old style bulbs. What is the energy saving strategies? Normally, it appears that fluorescent light bulbs on average worldwide appear to cost 2-5 times more per bulb. The we have the length of time before they stop working, and the variable of the number that break.

It is hard to suss out, but as I understand, the old style incandescent used 4.20 cents per year, and the article does not seem to state how long they are used per day, hour month?

I would easily pay 4.20 to use an Incandescent to read per year, and put he other types in weird locations. Yet, I really have never read by LED lights, used them in a van to read, but they were hopeless with the lights I was using, because the light was not diffused correctly.

Fun stuff, but in the end, I suspect that just walking to the super market 1-3 times per week is radical savings.


I often carry a light bulb in a plastic cup as I travel, they break often, mostly because of vibrations, not really dropping. They are cheaper by far than the others, I am thinking about buying a LED light to carry, but would not be happy when it breaks, or I change from 110-220.


CFLs are not created equal, they come in several different temperatures of light from a yellowish soft white all the way to a bright white which is closer to sunlight.

If you want to see new products meet me in Vegas in January and I will get you into the International Builders Show with me, it is the 20th to the 23rd and is the conference I told you I had scheduled before I could go down to Lagos Atitlan. The first few times I went to took me 3-4 days to walk the entire thing, not because of a walking problem but because there is so much to see. It is a building products disney world.


Owen K, this does sound perfect, an LED reading light. I have a little keychain LED light I sell in my Travel Security Training Kit, and it last for years. It only stops when I go swimming. LOL.

And, I have tried to use them for photography lights, purchased a few in Dollar Tree.

But, these are all spot light, pointed directly at something like a flashlight, they are pointer lights. Have you used one that is battery operated that diffuses enough to light a corner of a room almost like an incandescent light? Then, it need to be small, about the size of an apple, and clip on beds headstands. I can make it clip using a hanger, so the most needed is diffuse, and battery, prefer 2 double aa, because my recharge system is set up.


The constant for Hotels, is missing 1-3 lights. Generally, there is no light above the mirrors, and no reading lights. So, I need just plane lights, not fancy, and not pointers, ambient. I can recharge the 2 aa batteries, I have the setup, I do that daily for my camera. It is the diffusion of light that is a problem I can create a way to clip to bed.

YES 100 percent, they deserve a Nobel Prize, go Japan.


Well, fun to experiment, but as long as I can buy incandescent light bulbs, nothing seems obviously a good solution for travelers. One pound,or even 6 oz is a huge amount of weight, compared to a normal light bulb. So in a way, I am trying to fix something that is not presently broken. Plus, everything in a backpack breaks eventually, and when it cannot be replaces in any store, in any country, is is not sustainable gear, just a nice toy until it breaks in Africa.

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