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Mom Graham Keeps Guessing on Why I Have So Many Friends, and Know So Many People?


That's not it, everyone knows you because you are the famous Andy from Facebook! I know because I was there when the person you mention at the end of your current videos said it to you. lol lol

Ok, Ok, now that I'm done laughing, having spent a good amount of time around you I have to agree that your explanation in this video is the real answer.

Catherine Todd

Dear Andy,

I guess you will be leaving lovely Lake Atitlan, Guatemala tomorrow (Tues, 13 April 2015) and I am sorry that you are leaving when we finally just met, but so glad that I got to meet you and your wonderful mother yesterday at Chinita's talent show!

Please be sure to add me to your mailing list whenever you come back to lovely Lake Atitlan, and I hope your Mom comes with you! Give her another big goodbye hug for me! What a pleasure it was to meet her and you both.

We're based in North Carolina, outside of Raleigh-Durham, if you ever come that way!

Yours, Catherine Todd and

Catherine Todd

Whoops... Tues is April 14th! So glad we met. Love your videos and Mom Graham!

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