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Mom Graham Had Teeth Cleaned for 13 USD, We Did Lightly Cleaned for First Time, Will Do Again in 5 Weeks


I LOVE that ! I would love to join up with a dentist who may need help. I wonder if there is a Dr who could use an English speaking person,,,I could immerse into the language How cool. 5-6 in the little community ,,, wow Probably do not need help there. But I guess that is pretty much the way it is anywhere. I just love the fact that the dentist did some of the cleaning. Call me weird but I did a lot of my patients cleanings and enjoyed doing that. I just love the day to day clips you are sharing. What a wonderful lifestyle.


Good question Mark ,,, I honestly can't say for sure... I have been brought up being so UPTIGHT about regulations and working the proper channels that I would venture to say the hell with that gobble de gook and go unconventional. That being said I caution because I would not want to promote irresponsibility and malfeasance to the profession.


Nothing id better than finding out first hand. Why not come down and talk to the dentist here direct, you could also look around their offices and have a much better idea than us non-dentist can pass on to you?

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