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Mom Graham Explaining the Stupidity of Spirit Air and the Fort Lauderdale Airport Police


Where did this video go?


Hello, I will tell Andrew to fix it, here is the link on youtube


It is fun to watch mom, the camera does change perspectives. Mom Graham does have a membership to Hobo, but is still sitting on the fence as far as participation in the group. I really would love if she wrote her daily feeling on here page, so the followers would get the words right from her point of view.


This is a great lady. She will be the star of Andy's blog for the next three months. I am looking foward for her impressions of Lago Atitlan. She may be from a small town but, this lady is no hick. She has a wonderful world view.


I think she's really Andy's younger sister in disguise! Everyone I know thinks she's absolutely fabulous. I agree she surely is the star of the blog. I really hope she will participate!

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