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Mikes History of Travel Question, How it was 19 Years Ago?

Mike is a good guy, asked an insightful question. However, I am not sure anyone really wants to compare today, to yesteryear?


Mikes History of Travel Question, How it was 19 Years Ago?


Amen Andy. Everything you said in this video is spot on. I started traveling in 1983. We used to talk to other people, get advice, read books, dream about travel and then allow ourselves to break from our plans because the most memorable and sometimes life changing moments were the ones that that just happened. Serendipity. One just needed to be open to experiencing other cultures and change in general.

You are so right that no one else "back home" really cares about your travels or mine. I lived and worked in Italy for 13 years from approximately 1990 through 2003. Others could not comprehend that I felt truly at home there.

I don't want to make this too long, but I did want to comment on how I communicated with my family and friends on my first trip abroad. You could go to the international telephonist office in most European cities, reserve a call, wait 2 hours and pay a lot to speak to home. But mostly I sent letters and postcards, and my family and friends sent mail to a predetermined American Express Offices where they would hold it until 'I came to pick it up. I also discovered that in France with 1 Franc (then $0 14), some payphones would make the connection to the US and give me about 5 seconds of time to say I was OK. One time when I was robbed, however communication between railroad pass affiliates (France to the USA) happened via Telex. The Telex took a week.round trip. It really wasn't that long ago but communication has changed so very much. But we talked more. We were learned at least a few words in many languages.

I also learned to feel and enjoy "che dolce far niente," how sweet it is to do nothing, as the Italians do: people watching, warming oneself in the afternoon sun, smiling --- just being, listening, watching and enjoying. That was one of the most valuable things I learned living overseas.

I have been reading your blog and watching your videos since you were in Ethiopia in 2009 I believe, when you wouldn't show your face.. Like you I firmly believe that almost anyone can travel with modest finances. People hold themselves back from doing many things that they want to do and just use money as an excuse.

Thanks for all your writing, videos and photos. I really enjoy them as I also enjoy being an armchair traveler too. Just bar the haters. They always find another place to go.


Serena, when I talk with other travel writers, travel Blogger, and they return to the USA, I will often sort of slowly infer, point out, say, when one lives in Paradise, when one has the best lifestyle, he, or she does not give it up, and go back to work. There seems to be a vast number of humans who only think, "How is this going to make me money?" "Make me famous." or "Make my friends envious." And a few who say, I want to make the best life, construct the best family, the best paradise, to separate from the masses and live a life worth living, not worth buying. To make good friends is easy, really it comes down to barring the haters, or people who only can focus on money, and not about a lifestyle of the good life, I live the good live, and it is cheaper to live the good life, then to enter into the "LinkedIn," make money, or the Facebook, look at me, are the every silly TripAdvisor, follow the herd reviews. I could talk for hours on how to look for smiles on faces of people, and how to listen for a great, and friendly tone of voice.

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