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Mike Asked, are Islamic Attacks Done by USA or France?


Mike Asked, are Islamic Attacks Done by USA or France?


Andy, that is an absolutely great analysis. Yours is very much similar to my in opinion. What amazes me is that they are indeed using this as a firearms issue when they ignore the fact that the Orlando jihadist was an armed, licensed and trained security officer. He worked at a courthouse annex at the metal detectors and the contractor he worked for only transferred him (and did not fire him) when he started saying threatening things. My point is, he wore a gun for a living, even if gun sales to civilians were outlawed, he was part of the state security apparatus and would have had one anyway. This is just like that army psychologist that went bezerk at Ft. Hood. They ignored his ranting because they discounted it because of his religion. In all these killings, usually, there is a lot of warning ahead of time even social media postings and videos and nobody pays attention. As far as the gun control issue goes, if they want to use these events as an example or a catalyst, they need to explain how they will disarm court security or the army, and not ordinary people. Would not it be easier to just listen to what these people say and get them counseling, maybe with a non radicalized minister of their own faith who might also be a mental health professional?

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