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Michael L. Asked, How Many Days Can a Traveler Live Abroad on 5000 USD Dollars?


That comment almost got you banned, I looked at your photo.

Martha, you are being too black and white, as if there is only one thing people do. Couch surfing is not being a freeloader, it is about meeting people, having fun, and traveling. People who are greedy, care about money, and don't want to give something to anyone. I have never couch surfed. Only tried, but to travel the longest, you need to learn, and only way to learn is to have enough time to learn. This is why couch surfing until a person has enough savvy to find a hotel cheap.

Your comment about me living with my Mother is insulting. We are family, not enemies, we love each other. I hope you don't need to stay for 10-15 days with your mother once a year? If so, that is sad. I can go live with 100 people on the planet, if I really want to, I don't, but I could. Friends help friends, and my mother does give me tons of projects. hehehe. I wake up every morning and ask her, "what is my project today.?"

I want him to start thinking about exchanging money, and he can live longer. There is sweat equity travel, where people give to the person they live with, or the Hotel. I did not pay for a room the first year I traveled, I made a web site for the Hotel and lived for free. If you just want to be on vacation, then go on vacation, go on vacation, then go home, and do the 9-5, 40 hour week until you are a boring person.

I sense, that this person want to become a travel, wants to start a video youtube business, and needs as long as possible to get the business going.

I think you believe that everyone knows about couchsurfing,org, and that anal, and lack in empathy. There are people that work, and work and work, and never think about what traveling people do, I must also explain what the insiders already know.

This is not an answer to you, it is an answer to the whole world. And, couchsurfing for a person from Nepal would allow that person earning only 5-10 dollars per day to afford to visit Europe .India people often earn 5 dollars per day, there are many, 200 plus where people only earn 10 dollars or less per day. Everything I talked about applies to the world, not just spoiled Americans. We can all travel, with a little help from friends. The best part of life is free, or cheap. And, everyone who wants money, or thinks only money, is well, obsessed with money.


By the way, you photo appears to be from either India, or Nepal, but you show you are from the USA on your profile. This is a great way to get banned as part of vetting process if you are not portraying yourself from the right country.

This is not a photo from the USA.


Most likely a troll. Best not to feed them, but your answer was right on target.


We can ban a person in one click, but sometimes people do not understand, have a bad day, and need a small whack to know this is not tolerate, and this is also education for people on the fence, for odd reasons they just naturally lie until they learn they need to be honest. .


This is Michael, member who answered the question, In my opinion this man seems capable, much more capable than average.

Each continent is different, and up to the person in the end. Most Americans over 30 are going to spend 30-40 per day, while an 18 year old can get by for 15, then double if they drink. I read the profile of Michael, and he wants to make videos as I understand, so that is going to elongate everything with making money. Few, almost nobody travelers longer than a year continuously, without thinking about to earn money. After a year, they most towards being a traveler unless they are just in Asia for boom boom girls.

. If he makes videos, monetizes them, then everything. I am a traveler, I think like a traveler, there is never a goal to stop. Average Joe blow Traveler will run through 5000 at about 1000 per month, but a traveler has no desire to stop, they desire to figure out a way to keep traveling. The question how long, is not a tourist type question, tourist go back to work, never dream about how long.

So each person has to say, I just am going on vacation, or I am going to travel.

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