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Memory, And Taking a Pill

Taking a chemical to stop a chemical problem.


Memory, And Taking a Pill


American has changed.
We were a nation that read books and respected the truth that could be learned through the rigors of science. Now we are a nation of magical thinkers seeking out the least educated you tubers to advise them on that what is most important to our lives.


We are all responsible for our lives, or not? We each have the choice, to find our answers, or allow someone else. As for me, I find my own answers. This is the same for Doctors, Lawyers, we much choose them also, there is no way to avoid who is responsible, we each make the choices. If one thinks they are the master of their fate, then the video makes good sense, if a person believes someone else should make their decision, then they should ignore this video. There are no universal absolute answers.


Dr. Barnhard has a good video on this. I know most of you are not into plant based diets, but it may help in avoiding dementia.


you are right. There is a doctor/insurance/drug company complex whose goal is profit and not helping people stay well. The doctor automatically prescribes a drug for a medical problem. The problem is that these drugs have side effects which are often worse than the medical problem. I believe that if one sees any medical professional, there is a 40% chance that the professional will only make the condition worse. In most cases it is better to treat one's own problems, but the culture here is trying to brainwash us that we are inept at it. A friend of mine has diabetes and I tried to get him to watch Dr. Berg's videos, but he would rather take the advice of his doctor.

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